Description: Modern Country background featuring subtle Dobro fills.

Description: A modern country instrumental loop featuring that "Tele Twang".

Description: Modern country instrumental featuring twangy electric guitar. Great for anything needing an interesting up to date country sound.

Description: This acoustic pop rock track is suitable for all kinds of corporate videos, business presentations, nature, travel, educational and more.

Description: The soundtrack to driving through the southern plains of the midwest. Slow and contemplative country song.

Description: Rock, Soft Rock, Sincere, Emotional, Bittersweet, Underscore, Reflective, Moody, Hypnotic, Lilting, Tenderness, Endearment, Affection, Good Times, Reminisce

Description: A high energy country sort of track. It might be appropriate for a high speed chase, NASCAR or maybe some sort of slap stick comedy thing.

Description: Relaxed and Travel Music good for Airline and Transportation Commercials

Description: Music For Television Series,Movies and Suspense and Action Films. Orchestrated

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