Description: texas slide, south of the border, hippie music.

Description: 30 seconds of acoustic guitar, mandolin and upright bass with a twangy electric guitar. fun, light-hearted track for film or tv.

Description: country track great for music cues, commercials, tv/film and industrial.

Description: Bouncy country loop with live played instruments and happy mood

Description: chicken pickin' opus guitar instrumental!!!.

Description: happy little country-like track with flute and harmonica. a shorter piece suited for a tv commercial or a short, hasppy scene in a film.

Description: A modern country instrumental loop featuring that "Tele Twang".

Description: Modern country instrumental featuring twangy electric guitar. Great for anything needing an interesting up to date country sound.

Description: A high energy country sort of track. It might be appropriate for a high speed chase, NASCAR or maybe some sort of slap stick comedy thing.

Description: slide guitar, jazz groove, stand up bass.

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