Description: An inspiring and driving upbeat instrumental track that gives a strong sense of hope and promise. A strumming acoustic guitar intro leads to a banjo picking section building to a featured piano melody. Great motivational commercial music for underscores, tv, film, corporate, in house, adverts, radio

Description: An inspirational and motivational easy relaxed soft rock pop instrumental track for corporate theme, presentations, dog and pony shows, podcasts, video backgrounds, voice overs. Strong melody, powerful themes, well produced, performed, featuring strong Dire Straits type electric guitar leads along with synth, electric piano, bass, and drums.

Description: Cool and breezy forward thinking and smoothly rocking track a nicely relaxed self confidence. This track can be looped-put on repeat-for extended use, as a background for live mingling, underscore for a slide show. or presentation. Features impressive electric bass groove with rock solid drumming and electronic organ and synth.

Description: A happy electronic pop classic soft rock track sounds like Dire Straits meets electronica blend. Features clean mellow electric guitar groovy McCartney loping bass lines solid motown drum groove type and a host of pretty synths. Useful backing sounds for ambient needs, high tech products, tv, radio, hotels, motels, internet, web.

Description: Warm and vibrant motivation track, high tech and modern, clean with sharp precise edges, moving and enticing. Features solid guitar, bass and drum with chilled synthesizers and swirling pads. Interesting call and response melodies are echoed. Great for advertising, films, presentations, corporate.

Description: A warm and relaxing track focused on the piano. The electric bass provides a floating and grooving bottom and some light percussion is also used. A pretty song useful for advertising, entertainment, corporate communications, on-hold background music as well as ilms, TV, Radio, Video Games media art.

Description: Airy, clean, idealistic and positive modern corporate ambient track made with radio, TV, web commercials/promos in mind. Clear, transparent synth sounds, fashionable in current advertising, with vocals, bass, guitar, cool percussion, fx. Great for finance, insurance, lifestyle & service products.

Description: Happy, elegant, care-free, warm & uplifting instrumental. Fingerpicking acoustic guitar chordal riffs mix with a light strings melody, gentle percussion tight bass. Modern sounding production. Builds up to a rhythmic motif. Good life -- good feel tune. Great for film, TV commercials & documentaries.

Description: This positive bouncy underscore is perfect to set up for positive and energetic images. Builds up from piano to strings, vocal chants to full ensemble culminating in a brilliant electric guitar solo. Great for family, children, youth audiences, video, radio, in house music on hold inspirational