Description: This is an upbeat, positive and happy song featuring ukulele, guitar, a music box, bass and drums. Hand claps and acoustic guitar accompany this cheerful and uplifting track. Great for use in a variety of projects and if you want to use the modern and popular trend of upbeat ukulele music heard throughout lots of pop songs and commercials / adverts.

Description: Upbeat, positive, pleasing and feel-good, this track is about achievement, winning and business objectives. Great for lifting visuals and driving along powerpoint presentations, talks, background music or other motivating, inspiring and positive visuals. Features a powerful and expansive chorus with violins, cellos and a delicate piano melody. Synth arpeggios and sound effects decorate a kicking drum set. Medium tempo and great for use in a variety of contexts from corporate videos to virals and for adverts and idents.

Description: A bright, commercial, modern, and motivational corporate track with glockenspiel, guitar, ukulele and piano. It is optimistic, joyful, happy and positive and great for adverts, radio, podcasts and tv among other things. This track provides a good mood background track that is upbeat and uplifting.

Description: A nice, upbeat, fun and positive track with glockenspiel, ukulele, drums and bass. This is a positive business / corporate track that is also good for use in commercials and other productions requiring light and joyful background music. Optimistic, motivating, happy and inspiring.

Description: A motivating, inspiring, upbeat and inspirational track, Top of the World is feel-good and positive with driving drums, harmonics, electric guitar and spacious and textural pads. A warm synth bass, kicking drums and energetic sections make this a great soundtrack for many types of videos whether corporate, adverts or feel-good films.

Description: This track is an upbeat, motivating, inspiring and generally feel-good positive pop & rock track that has a cool chorus. It's an inspirational corporate track with warm strings and synth pad, guitar harmonics, delicate bright piano and driving drums. Good as background music for promotional and company videos.

Description: Beautiful, uplifting and inspiring, this feel-good and positive track leads in to a powerful and big-sounding chorus. Violins, cellos and a string ensemble accompany a warm synth arpeggiated synth line and deep bass while the piano melody aligns perfectly with the other elements. Medium tempo and great for use in adverts, corporate videos, virals and idents.

Description: This is a lively, upbeat, fun and uplifting track with a happy and easy come easy go feel. Glockenspiel, ukulele, guitars, piano and drums combine in this light-hearted feel good soundtrack that is great as background music for adverts, corporate videos, podcasts, documentaries and other video productions needing a joyful, fresh, modern and inspiring lift.

Description: An anthemic and motivating track that features piano, strings, orchestra and a strong sense of determination. Creating feelings of accomplishment, achievement, good business and corporate dynamic growth, this optimistic, positive and uplifting background music has a sense of victory and inspiration behind it. Great for montages, presentations, images of success, commercials / adverts and product reviews. This is a joyful and beautiful track.

Description: Get taken away with the delicate melody in this acoustic soft rock / orchestral love song that has an upbeat, feel-good and pleasantly calming effect. This track soothingly moves along and develops into a moving chorus yet is unobtrusive and perfect for laying under your voice over, visuals or video game. Medium tempo and good for use in a variety of contexts from corporate videos to virals, adverts and idents as well as video games.

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