Description: Part inspirational, part ambient, “Inspiring The Heart” is an upbeat track for all corporate needs. Musically vague, this uplifting piece can fit right in among children’s montages, romantic and fun moments, you name it! This is the perfect balance of energy and sensitivity.

Description: An emotionally powerful corporate track, "Destined For The Sun" is a musical dose of inspiration. Great for a corporate project, travel blog, or even adventure or romance - this piece has many motivational motives. Relying heavily on a beautiful grand piano, this is a perfect underscore for any project where you need an extra tug at the heart strings.

Description: Powerful and inspiring, "Uplifting" is an energetic and emotionally strong score for your corporate or commercial project. With a sense of determination and subsequent triumph, this track would be perfect for any adventure or sports theme.

Description: This fun and upbeat track – slightly piano – slightly orchestral – all inspiration – will motivate you and your audience to push toward loftier goals and ..’Higher Stakes’...

Description: Chill and relaxed, "Beyond Yesterday" is a modern cue with a wide array of purposes. This track with its rhythmic beat will sit well under a corporate project, or even a romantic or tender moment in your film. Simple and emotional, this is a beautiful and heartwarming piece can also work well as a title or commercial.

Description: Light-hearted and bouncy, “Practice Makes Perfect” is an outstanding corporate track which will bring a silly and fun feel to your project. Whether it’s a training film, a team montage, or even a children’s blooper reel, this piece develops and grows into something better than it was at the start.

Description: Corporate inspiration at its finest, “Overcome” grows into a driving beat while triggering powerful emotions of the listener. Whether you seek to celebrate a victory, or lead your team to it, this track is perfect for a multitude of engaging, heartfelt moments.

Description: Upbeat and sweet (and just hint of sour), ‘On the Up Side’ is a fantastic corporate track to inspire change. Perfect for that “I’m making a decision” montage or any other moment with decisive movement forward.

Description: Pure corporate inspirational magic, "A Common Goal" is a musically simple, repetitive track that really motivates your audience to feel a sense of adventure and unity. Using ethnic percussion to drive the rhythms, this track is great for any emotional "go get 'em!" project.

Description: Quiet and emotional, "The Color of A Smile" is a lightly orchestrated simple chord progression. With its happy yet endearing sound, this piece is a great underscore for any corporate, travel, or film project.

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