Description: Thinking Big is an uplifting motivational track, driven by delayed electric guitars, upfront beats, catchy piano top-lines and a powerful, analogue synth bass line. It's ideal for use within corporate, motivational or business related projects where positivity and optimism are paramount.

Description: Serious, corporate, businesslike music

Description: A propulsive and energetic track for business, medical, science and technology.

Description: A driving, positive, optimistic, energetic, percussive, and motivational pop/rock cue.

Description: Happy Motivational Corporate - joyful orchestral track with positive mood. Simple pop music for orchestra. This happy track can be used anywhere – as a motivational musical background for websites, in computer games, tv or radio, advertisement and commercials.

Description: relaxed, positive theme with acoustic guitar, piano and light percussion.

Description: Energetic and driving bed for corporate, business, science and technology

Description: Optimistic and happy song. Lively rhythm with piano, ukulele and glocken.

Description: Serious, corporate, businesslike music for scenes of success

Description: Inspirational and motivational track, featuring a piano, beautiful strings and delicate percussion. Ideal for projects such as popular commercials, Youtube videos, background music, inspirational videos, apps / applications, presentations and many more!

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