Description: A positive and inspirational piece featuring piano, strings, glockenspiel and electric guitars. Perfect for professional business and corporate presentations, videos, commercials and documentaries

Description: An inspirational and optimistic track with a modern sound, featuring a soft piano opening, electric guitars, synth textures, strings and a steady beat. Perfect or use within video projects, TV or commercials and YouTube videos.

Description: Uplifting and positive pop rock, featuring piano, strings and electric guitars, backed by a modern and steady beat. Perfect for corporate, business or sporting projects.

Description: An uplifting and positive orchestral rock track, featuring piano, guitars, glockenspiel and powerful string parts. Perfect for use in corporate or business videos, or projects that require an uplifting underscore.

Description: An uplifting and positive orchestral rock track featuring electric and acoustic guitars, delayed guitar harmonics, strings, piano, steady beats, occasional female vocal elements and lush textures. Perfect for use in corporate, commercial and motivational projects.

Description: An uplifting and positive rock track, driven by delayed electric guitars and catchy piano and glockenspiel melodies. It’s ideal for use within corporate, motivational or business related projects.

Description: A positive and modern orchestral corporate piece, featuring dynamic pianos, uplifting strings and subtle horn and backing choir sections. Perfect as a background to corporate or business presentations or any media that requires a gentle orchestral underscore.

Description: A positive corporate track, featuring delayed electric guitars, uplifting piano melodies, rich string pads, driving beats and features gospel choir vocals at the climax. Ideal for corporate and commercial media and documentaries.

Description: An upbeat and optimistic pop rock track, featuring mandolins, glockenspiel, energetic electric guitars and driving beats. Ideal for feel-good corporate or commercial projects.

Description: An uplifting and optimistic pop rock track, which includes acoustic and slide electric guitars, gorgeous, pads and lively drum beats. Perfect for motivational corporate or commercial projects.

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