Description: Energetic arrangement of upright bass and drums inspired by jazz and blues.

Description: Pulsating synth bass, acoustic piano, strings and hardware synthesizers combining with percussion for a forward-moving arrangement.

Description: Pianos, bass, beatbox drums, electric guitar and percussion combine for syncopated energetic groove suggested to underscore urban scenes.

Description: Electric and acoustic pianos, combine with electric guitar, clavinet, bass and percussion in energetic groove suggested to underscore motivational images, upbeat sequences.

Description: Simple piano composition with subtle synthesizers suggested for underscoring of motivational images, narration and scenes involving automation or anticipation.

Description: Acoustic and electric pianos, synths and electronic percussion play moody synchopated patterns suggested to underscore chic nightlife, sedate lounge sequences.

Description: Simple peaceful cadence with brassy vintage synthesizer textures trading chords in stereo with subtle percussion.

Description: Composition of methodically sequenced synthesizers, piano, marimba and percussion.

Description: Simple piano chords resolve through close harmony pattern, with percussion and double bass.

Description: A brooding instrumental featuring piano, percussion and actual Moog and Prophet synthesizers.

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