Description: This is the perfect background track for a presentation that must exude optimism, confidence, and inevitable success. Moderately to faced paced, using good feeling chords and inspirational guitar strumming, this song builds over a simple melody throughout. Perfect for corporate or personal presentations.

Description: Industry & Technology, Ambient, Mellow, Beautiful, Nature, Panoramic, Pleasant, Relaxed, Smooth, Flowing, Traveling, in a Positive mood, featuring Synth, Guitar, Acoustic, with a Mid tempo

Description: A modern, motivating and inspirational corporate track perfect for commercials, video montages, corporate campaigns and events, advertising and business promotions, and anything else where an uplifting and positive underscore is needed. It features piano, strings, bass, ambient synths, drums & more.

Description: Motivational corporate track for your media , advertisments, Youtube videos, websites, video projects, commercials.

Description: Quirky vibraphone with a sweet and dreamy melody, the mood is playful with a suggestion of sentimental happy times. The introduction of strings add an innocent childlike quality to the cue. Great for advertising/family style/diaper ad or any wholesome family product.

Description: Upbeat, joyful, very positive and motivational corporate track. May be suitable for many various projects ! Thanks for listening!

Description: Modern and fresh motivational song with a great classical meets hip hop vibe. It exudes confidence and energy and would be perfect for any commercial or advertisement that needs a motivating and uplifting background.

Description: Simple joyful emotional and motivational track. The moment of truth, the moment of love, a moment of happiness. In this music, no complex elements. It's simple and delicious. A few chords with every conduct are played in different arrangements. Track is easy to wrap around and continue. Perfect for any media projects, television, radio, cinema, internet projects, presentations and more.

Description: " Motivation and Inspiration"- Is a very commercial corporate motivational music with piano delay, orchestral strings, upbeat drums, inspirational electric guitars. Suitable for business, advertising, commercials, videos, films, television broadcasting , video games, Youtube videos and etc.

Description: This is an original composition for all your corporate media! In this track, you have all you need for a good animation with after effects or others! Plenty of good vibes, fresh melodies and happy clappin!