Description: A cute piece for universal use. It's a very versatile 30 second track with an easy swing feel as an ideal background for your successful advert or commercial.

Description: Optimistic song that gives a lot of positive energy, Ideal for corporate, business projects. A trip to success and happiness… A cool rhythm guitar figure represents directness. Bright and powerful arrangement with a straight drum groove.

Description: A relaxed song with a sedate accompaniment of piano and ukulele. The crowd choir melody is very catchy. Some world instrument elements as sitar give this track character.

Description: A positive and strong track for your successful projects. Suits perfect in any corporate video. Powerful strings and piano brings to imagination images of business success, productivity, sales and growth. This inspirational song is great for any business related production looking for an uplifting corporate track.

Description: A powerful string and guitar arrangement right at the beginning emphasizes the big business. The song is uplifting, energetic and expresses positivity. Useful for a corporate video or presentation.

Description: This piece with a simple piano progression is simpleness at its best. Relaxed and slow - for many applications. Corporate or holiday movie, the warmth of this song suits good in countless applications.