Description: Confident, Assertive, Medium tempo

Description: A very pretty easy listening groove with soaring strings and comping piano lines and melodies. Nice acoustic guitar with new age and uplifting feel. Accordions are also present in this piece.

Description: Pace yourself to win, to be the best, to set the bar by creating an advanced, cutting edge image. This underscore features strings, piano and loops. It is energizing and alluring. Your audience will be engaged and motivated to join your cause. This track will take your audience on a journey that will empower and enlighten them.

Description: Noble fanfare, show opener, big orch

Description: Positive, life-affirming music with the sound of piano, percussion and brass instrument. This intense and fast-paced track fits for inspirational projects, trailers, commercials and more.

Description: Serene, calm, and beautiful piano melodies. Catchy tunes that subtly build and provide a perfect bed of background underscore. Great for videos that need a simple and poignant score. Great for wedding videos, graduation videos, ads, and spots.

Description: Bold Brass, winning attitude, competitive

Description: Up-beat, orchestral, noble horns

Description: Atmospheric pads introduce the track, this is strange and enchanting music with soft and gentle choir voices which haunt in the background. The introduction of evocotive guitars creating a track which is perfect for website, phone on hold or internet advertising. The music will suit personal well-being themes and is a great atmospheric track for underscore or background use, will work with a voiceover.