Description: Let us live, love and laugh...while we can. Piano and nothing else!

Description: News, Corporate, Corp-Industrial, Industry & Technology, Political, Dynamic, Building, in a Exciting mood, featuring Piano, Drums, Hi Hat, Synth, with a Mid tempo

Description: Stylish corporate loop able background music loop. easy listening RnB with light funky feel. Marketing, elegant, corporate video, presentations, city life, business, music on hold, fashion, or informational.

Description: Inspire yourself to the start of a new day with this up tempo ambient corporate piece. Let the light and inspiring bell melody over driving acoustic guitars, upbeat percussion, and solid drums motivate you towards that impossible goal or giant leap of faith.

Description: Industry & Technology, Corporate, Corp-Motivational, Documentary, Angelic, Atmospheric, Beautiful, Bright, Brilliant, Charming, Delicate, Dreamy, Relaxed, Radiant, Peaceful, Nature, Magical, Light, Elongated, Floating, Flowing, Fresh, Futuristic, Gentle, Sparkling, in a Confident, Positive mood, featuring Synth, Bells, Strings, with a Mid tempo

Description: Progressive piano chords create inspiring feel created to imply happiness and beauty. Very inspirational track useful for commercial advertising or corporate use.

Description: Relaxing flute in a joyful, relaxing and soothing mood. Great for a commercial, a yoga video, meditation, website, or any intent where a serious and relaxation mood is required.

Description: Short optimistic tune with guitars and synths. Good for advertising, podcasts or corporate videos. Also it can be used as background music for broadcast .