Description: Sweet track perfect for juvenile romance fictions. Tells about teenagers freshness and openness during their first love stories. Fits great for family entertainment, TV shows about young and adolescent people. Perfect also for poetic landscapes advert and video tributes of any kind. 60sec available

Description: Calm and relaxing corporate tune with a romantic and introspective mood, ideal for a wide range of video projects including corporate videos, advertising and much more. Piano, mute guitar, strings and drums. It suits perfectly to underscore scenes with positive messages addressed both to customers and internal workforce. Conceived as incidental music for videos about Vision and Mission or Corporate Brand Awareness campaigns.

Description: Catchy and dynamic corporate track featuring mute guitar, piano, synths and electronic drums. It fits perfect with many positive subjects, promotional videos and any commercial and/or marketing campaign. Purposeful tune that conveys a sense of successful mindset, accomplishment, uplifting and proactive attitudes.

Description: Inspiring theme great for corporate and motivational videos. It's elegant and fits very well with a great variety of brands, products and services. Happy, elated, uplifting. Perfect background music for your marketing campaigns, your advertisement. Full track + logo, ident, loop and short version.

Description: Uplifting and lively corporate instrumental track featuring mute guitar, piano, strings and light dance rhytmic sections. It conveys a sense of positivity and optimism. It sounds perfect for corporate videos, promotional footages, presentations, web and youtube videos with commercial purposes and in general it suits well with any upbeat subject.

Description: A fresh and light theme that reminds the beauty of being part of a family. Smiling children and heartwarming moments of family life. A brilliant signature for TV fiction and a sweet theme perfect also for movies and also advertisements in its 60 sec version.

Description: This highly dynamic jingle is perfect for your Sports broadcast trailers. Wild electric guitars' riffs and crazy rock drums in a fast pacing track that will bring excitement and will ignite your sporty audience. Surfers, snowboarders, stunt pilots and much more. ESPN America, Eurosport, SKY Sport...

Description: Dramatic and epic orchestral theme conceived as news programs opening signature tune. Horns, trumpets, strings, timpani, snares, toms give birth to an exceptional instrumental track. Imagine the anchor man sitting in front of his desk, ready to give you important news about the world's future.

Description: Incidental piece of instrumental rock with a Cold Play style dynamic drums section, guitars, bass, piano and synthetizer. Uplifting, driving and positive, perfect as baskground music for corporate, motivational or promotional videos. Advertising, commercial. Forthcoming success. Winning people

Description: Instrumental acoustic track featuring classic guitar, electric bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic drums, piano. It's simple and it can fit very well with corporate videos, to underscore promotional messages, voice over and any other project that needs an easy listening background track. Perfect also for many types of broadcast such as travel TV shows, documentaries and much more.