Description: Instrumental music composed for strings and woodwinds. The music is leaded by a Harp and a pizzicato Bass, and the mood is positive and hopeful. This composition fits very well as a background presentation in documentaries and reports. Also as a background short tune in nature and relaxing topics.

Description: Instrumental short composition made for acoustic guitar and piano. Very near to classical music, the composition is very nice and relaxed and the mood is happy and friendly. Very good for advertising. Also for corporate projects and audiovisual presentations.

Description: Dreamy, quiet, positive track. It features lots of delay sounds, tremolo and chorused electric guitars, deep synths, bass and drums.

Description: 30 Seconds Music intended to be used in a tablet commercial or other computer or technology products. Radio,Tv,Video Games, Corporations.

Description: Whether it’s autumn or winter, Summer Ukulele will definitely make you want to run to the closest beach with your buddies! The constant strumming of the ukulele and sweet melodies from the glockenspiel remind us of the fun times we used to have back in our youth. Don’t let anything hold you back right now. It’s time to pamper yourself to look and feel good, anytime, anywhere! Available in 2 versions: - Summer Ukulele (1:51) - Summer Ukulele Loop (0:52)

Description: “Tender Touch“ is positive, calm track with cool guitar arrangement and beautiful warm pad and strings to represent the tender feeling. This track is perfect for today television ad and come up with 4 versions, grab this track to enrich your video!

Description: 30 seconds Rock Instrumental good for Radio and TV advertisings . Guitar,Bass,Synths,Drums,Bass

Description: 30 seconds pop rock cue good for Tv and radio commercials. Presentations and Jingles. Guitars, Drums,Bass and Organ

Description: Placid Mood, Casual and Funky 30 seconds cue, good for Radio and TV commercials. Drums,Piano, Vibes,Bass,Synth and Percussion

Description: Industrial,Dynamic and Experimental music good for commercials, Tv, Radio and Video Games