Description: Rhythmic with floating smooth textures, introspective acoustic piano and electric guitar create a determined yet peaceful mood.

Description: Smooth and bright with a reflective and sentimental sounding melody in the acoustic piano which creates an optimistic mood.

Description: Peaceful with smooth string textures, introspective acoustic piano, guitar and a drum loop groove depict a scene of optomisim and reflection.

Description: Bouncy and bright with earthy acoustic guitar and pulsing electronic textures create a mixture of acoustic and synthetic sonorities depicting a scene of confidence.

Description: Neutral corporate theme. Medium tempo, mellow synths, melodic percussion

Description: Bright with a driving electric guitar line and rhythmic drum loops creates an investigative and determined scene.

Description: Rhythmic electronic rhythms with overlying smooth string textures, electric guitar solo and warm electric piano create an introspective mood.

Description: An energetic rhythm, a throbbing guitar that adorns the harmony of the piano and, of course, synthesizer melodies. An inspirational, energetic and ascending background track is ideal for creating an optimistic and motivational mood. Works great for inspirational projects such as corporate presentations, YouTube videos, tutorials, slideshows, editing jobs, commercials, business videos, science and technology projects, lifestyle and travel, medical and medical videos, real estate, boot videos, promotions, explainers and More. 2 Versions Included: 1 Uplifting Inspiring – 1min – 1:22 2 Uplifting Inspiring – 2min – 2:01 3 Uplifting Inspiring – Main – 3:36 Thanks friends!

Description: Evocative piano instrumental backed by an ensemble of strings and choir.Uplifting and inspirational. Melodic, sweet, glowing, warm, ethereal, beautiful, paradise, vacation, relaxing, peaceful, happy, spiritual, close to nature, dreamy, atmospheric, pleasant, thoughtful, mindful, magical, angelic, pleasure, simple things, happiness.