Description: This is a positive, motivational and inspirational track that gives a feeling of optimism, happiness, confidence. Suitable for background, jingle, film music, trailers, business media project, etc.

Description: A high energy dance / electro / rock track that will lift your projects to new heights. Starting with a clean guitar funk groove set against a 4 to the floor drumbeat, the track's chorus explodes with a positive memorable melody upon driving beats and overdriven rhythm guitars. Perfect for commercials, kickstarter campaigns, videos or other uplifting usages.

Description: Upbeat and dance-ish, “E-motion” is heavy on the electronica, but still carries a sense of power and emotion – always moving forward. Need a track to get your viewers feet tapping and heart beating to the same rhythm? This is it.

Description: Uplifting and Inspirational track with upbeat piano, drums, and orchestral evoke positive emotions, and will bring success to your project, video, presentation or a website.

Description: A fast paced groove track featuring orchestral instruments and modern drum loops.

Description: A fun and quirky track highlighted by a modern groove, penny whistle, organ pads and light percussion.

Description: A pretty acoustic guitar and piano piece that has a light groove.

Description: A hardcore dance track with big drum grooves and cool synth parts.

Description: An ethereal sweeping track with hybrid synth lines and rolling pads.

Description: A quirky pop track with friendly drum loops, funky guitar and nice keyboard parts.