Description: Here is a higly inspiring motivational background track featuring bells, piano and guitar. This track also has prominent drums.

Description: This positive, groovy and amusing track is a special mix of latin and electronic music. You'll find here sweet pizzicato strings, brass, beatbox, ukulele and a stylish kick-ass electro beat. It's great for commercial projects with a twist, funny videos, up-to-date productions and much more.

Description: Motivational, inspirational, corporate, uplifting track with piano, drums, violin, bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitars. This track perfectly podaydet for your media projects.

Description: "Positive Corporate Inspiration" is upbeat, fun, and down right addictive with it's nice piano melody and get up and dance rhythms. After days and days of recording and producing the song, I still even like it, and hey, that says something! The title isn't just nonsense either. You see, there IS a really positive inspiration - that is, if you actually want people to pay attention to your product. Simply put, the right spot largely becomes "the right spot" with the right music. So don't gamble with the success of your next project! If I spent this much time working on my description, just imagine how much effort went into the song :) I hope it goes without saying that this track will also work well with many applications... ... whoops, I just said it. ...and yes, there are claps.... Now you have absolutely no reason not to buy it. As always, thanks so much for your continued support and I'm looking forward to seeing where the music shows up!

Description: Here is a positive and confident music track most suitable for product presentations, training videos and general corporate use. It can also stand for advertisement and promotion with crisp sounding orchestral string and memorable guitar.

Description: Cool corporate background music, perfect for presentation, promotion, advertisement, youtube videos, slideshow and any project.

Description: A kinetic, vibrant and colorful track with a dramatic flair.

Description: Level of Motivation - energetic corporate pop rock track with positive bright mood. This track can be used anywhere – as a motivational musical background for websites, in computer games, tv or radio, advertisement and commercials.

Description: A easy listen track perfect for a cable channel or travel channel music. Also perfect an alternative artist.

Description: Happy track for background music, tv, commercials, advertising, corporate videos, presentations… Perfect for your media projects. Enjoy !