Description: This is a positive, motivational and uplifting corporate track. Perfect for corporate projects, presentations, commercials, promos and more.

Description: Uplifting and confident rock track featuring catchy guitars, grooving beats, lots of positive melodies and a general feel good vibe. Positive, playful and light. Perfect for corporate projects, as well as anything else where happiness and smiling is involved! Inspirational and upbeat track. Seems like the beginning of something amazing. "Summer is Coming" a delicate piece that sparkles on its own.

Description: A cinematic and energetic song made to highlight an action scene in a riveting film. It also lends itself to thrilling sports events or sports highlights. It has a wonderful groove that could even be used as a catchy theme song.

Description: It is very bright, sensitive, motivational music. Features acoustic guitar, violin. The track has a good development. Perfect for advertising, after effect projects, a promotional video or something else)

Description: Positive & epic instrumental with a motivational / Technology / corporate vibe. Features glockenspiel, xylophone, piano, guitar, drum kit, bass & strings. Percussive, happy and inspiring.

Description: A simple non-intrusive acoustic music consists of instruments such as the guitar, bass guitar, percussion and bells. This track is perfect for positive promotional videos or motivational presentations for your company. Use this soundtrack in your project and your employees necessarily will gain the hope in success.

Description: This is a positive nu-disco track in memory of summer.

Description: A serious dance track with hardcore synth and drum parts.

Description: A quirky track featuring a modern grooves and orchestral strings. A unique and uplifting track.

Description: A very beautiful hybrid track featuring the most modern of grooves up against the most beautiful strings creating a unique musical experience.