Description: An atmospheric track with hand percussion and big hits. Piano and string lines with low guitar add tension. Could be used in many situations including action and drama scenes. Also builds throughout.

Description: A very rockin, high energy track with aggressive guitars and drums.

Description: Electronica Confident Bass Drums Energetic

Description: Electronic Ambient Piano Electronica Confident Drums Keyboard

Description: Funky Groovy Laid Back Brassy Confident

Description: Driving and rhythmic with textural swells, acoustic guitar and light drum loops create an introspective and determined mood.

Description: Smooth and rhythmic with bright solo acoustic piano and light drums create an inspirational and optimistic mood and depict an infomercial.

Description: Pulsing pensive time passing-Full

Description: Feel-good, positive, inspirational and uplifting track with a subtle corporate feel. Starts with piano pattern and swells to main theme featuring rhythmic strings, french horn, piano, acoustic Guitar, electric guitar. Great for events, presentations, awards. Main mix, u/score, 60, 30 and 12sec

Description: Percussion based tracks for corporate and business, evoking images of time, deadlines, and general office activity.