Description: This motivating piece seems to keep climbing higher and higher as it returns to the same repeating theme. Perfect for corporate background, commercials, or optimistic feel good music.

Description: lilting cyclic piano driven underscore

Description: majestic high horns with industrial feel

Description: 60 second loop featuring drums, piano, bass, acoustic guitar, and a couple of pads. Has a mellow electronic feel that is made more organic by the fingerpicked nylon stringed guitar. Driving and with a feeling of movement, it has a feel that is at once optimistic and positive but a little bit dark and ominous, like the feeling of about to face a difficult challenge. Perfect for background music for corporate or personal presentations, or for voice overs for radio, film, television advertising. Loops seamlessly.

Description: Cheerful, uplifting , hopeful piece, 12 bars of melody with reverb and tail out. Easily editable into a seamless loop.

Description: Funky, chunky guitar, electric guitar, upbeat groove, positive beat, crisp syncopated drums

Description: Funky, chunky guitar, upbeat groove, positive beat, crisp drums

Description: Funky, chunky guitar, jazzy flute, upbeat groove, positive beat, crisp drums

Description: Running precisely 60-seconds, Mesmerize is a unique and captivating piece of music that is ready to faithfully serve you in your next corporate or radio/television broadcast production.

Description: Airy synth chords with gentle note-slurring and soft house-style backing. Suggests flight. Useful for commercial presentations involving flying where a hassle-free travel experience is being promoted or for gameplay where character is in flight/experiencing freedom. Could also be useful for natural history/wildlife presentations.