Description: This is my newest calm, positive and soft electronic music track with corporate hi tech mood. Track included rythmical (like Depeche Mode) drums and bass, soft violins and acoustic piano...I have included in pack different versions of this track – original, logo (30 sec) and short looped versions, for your comfortable using…These motivational background tracks can be also used in wedding photo and video presentations, commercial computer games and movies, nice events - birthday, christmas, as a musical background for advertisement, slideshow, business websites, company soundtrack etc…Enjoy! and thanks for buying!:) advertising, background, background music, beautiful, calm, celebration, commercial, corporate, depeche mode, dreamy, game, holiday, inspirational, intro, logo, loop, motivational, music, opening, piano, positive, relaxing, romantic, short, slideshow, uplifting, video, website, wedding, good mood, dreamy, emotional, soulful, peaceful, easy listening, energetic, business, successful, rhythmical, optimistic, adventure, action, bright, inspirational, happy, hopeful, travel, presentation, promo, video game, game, hi tech, sport, news, opening, short, financial, elegant, upbeat, positive

Description: This is a very stylish, clean commercial advertising Happy Background Loop 60s Intro with calm motivational sound and beautiful inspiring bright mood, which include soft filter muted guitar solo and pad, electronic drums, violins, etc…This track can be used as a music, background for websites, business, financial or weather news, presentation promo video, etc…Enjoy and thanks for buying! advertising, background, background music, beginning, business, calm, clean, commercial, corporate, corporate background, game, happy, happy loop, holiday, inspiring, intro, loop, motivational, music, opener, opening, optimistic, positive, positive background, positive music, powerful, presentation, rhythmic, rising, short, smooth, soft, travel, upbeat, uplifting, video, bouncy, bright, cheerful, every day, groovy, festive, eerie, easy, video game, sweet, inspirational, light, fast

Description: This is my new calm, positive, corporate and bouncy soft pop electronic Positive Vibes Corporate Loop 15s music track with positive bright beautiful mood, which contain modern rising magic synths and pad, bells, modern drums, catchy muted electric guitars and live bass…This upbeat uplifting track can be used anywhere – as a motivational musical background for websites, computer arcade video games, tv or radio show, finance, travel or weather news, advertising and commercial inspiring company business presentation video, wedding or fashion slideshow, etc…Enjoy and thanks for buying!:) advertising, background, business, coldplay, commercial, corporate, corporate music, dreamy, game, happy, inspirational, inspiring, intro, loop, opener, magic, motivational, music, news, opening, positive, promo, soft, travel, upbeat, uplifting, video, bouncy, bright, calm, easy, elegant, video game, sweet, smooth, relaxed, 15s, hopeful, light, lively, mellow, optimistic, peaceful, high tech, reflective, sensual, repetitive, romantic

Description: Instrumental music made for piano and orchestra. The music starts a little bit nostalgic, and later gains energy and optimism, with incorporation of other instruments like strings, horns and trombones. The style is very near to soundtrack and classical, and the mood is nostalgic but with a generous dose of optimism and energy.

Description: Positive and uplifting corporate inspiring background music. Great for any kind of presentation, works great for video.

Description: Upbeat corporate motivational track. Perfect for all kinds of media such as business, presentations, advertising, corporate videos, sports etc.

Description: Cheerful corporate piece for promo videos, presentations, commercials and more. The track has positive mood and creates carefree atmosphere. Aslo great for applications, videos about vacations and fun. The instruments are drums, piano, synths and guitars.

Description: This logo can be useful for any purpose, presntations, advertisement and stuff.

Description: Thinking Huge is a pop/rock driven track with driving piano, energetic drums, beautiful synths, driving bass, and expressive streams. It is ideal for corporate and company presentations or commercials where positivity and optimism are important.

Description: Sad and romantic music. starts with piano theme. Available versions: full track, loop 1 and loop 2 edit.