Description: An electronic track. Would be nice for hi tech or financial news

Description: A stately cinematic orchestra piece that exudes quiet confidence. Moving between soaring melodies and quite interludes the music communicates confidence as well as pride and triumph. Excellent for commercials or presentations that need to communicate a sense of underlying confidence unyielding strength.

Description: Motivation instrumental track.Perfect for all kind of medias (business presentations, advertising, sports). Mood of this song is inspirational, motivative, powerful, energetic, uplifting, upbeat, succesful, hopeful.

Description: This electronic fusion music is a mellow mix of cool business tech mixed with innovation. The futuristic synth melody plays smooth plucky style melody while the haunting pads, punchy bass, and dynamic drums create the mood. This music is ideal for technology, ads, corporate video, presentations, explainers and much more.

Description: Upbeat, positive, pleasing and feel-good, this track is about achievement, winning and business objectives. Great for lifting visuals and driving along powerpoint presentations, talks, background music or other motivating, inspiring and positive visuals. Features a powerful and expansive chorus with violins, cellos and a delicate piano melody. Synth arpeggios and sound effects decorate a kicking drum set. Medium tempo and great for use in a variety of contexts from corporate videos to virals and for adverts and idents.

Description: Airy and light marimbas unfurl as laid back hip hop beats and syncopated cellos set an artistic mood.

Description: This track Sweet is a very happy, positive, and uplifting piece of instrumental background music. It features Acoustic Ukulele, Piano and bells and gives it that modern popular sound of todays TV advertising commercials and ads. Since it has no drums just hand clapping it is very simple, soft and easy sounding. This track will also work great for bouncy kids music or children type presentations. Also makes those upbeat corporate motivational presentations work with its bright and cheerful mood.

Description: This happy and upbeat instrumental background is perfect for any project needing positive and cheerful music. This track features Ukulele, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitars, and Bells. Also features whistling and hand clapping to give that super happy vibe. This would be perfect for any corporate advertising commercial music, youtube videos, slideshow presentations or any project that needs a optimistic feeling.

Description: This strong guitar driven production is the perfect underscore to your next product promotion. A driven and inspirational rock song, it is a great out of the box corporate rock piece.

Description: Calm and inspiring corporate music track with an atmospheric sound. This track will be a perfect choice for a presentation advertisement video, digital marketing, innovative technological show and many other.