Description: Modern corporate tech sound for corporate logo or company brand. The piece can be used in a promo of some gadget of new technology. It is featuring drums and synths.

Description: Mysterious track that gives you goose bumps. Can be used a logo for an enigmatic, mystical project, opening of tv or radio program and more. The spooky piece is created with drums and synths.

Description: When you are not confident enough to make a step towards success YOU ARE WRONG! Success is always waiting if you have the will to go get it! This track is a motivational journey of a small start up, of a viral video, a creative or business endeavor that happens to succeed. Use it as background to tell your story, be it via audio waves or visual aids. It features electric guitar arpeggios, piano lead, strings, steady drums and catchy bass grooves. It also features a slide guitar lead that generates chaos in this house-inspired pop-rock motivational inspirational track in the classic tradition of royalty-free advertising friendly content. License it for your movies, vlogs, YouTube videos, product presentations and even video games! In fact this track is a good fit for a video game level as it can be looped and it aids concentration, which is needed when playing a challenging game.

Description: It is holiday time and everybody feel the Christmas spirit. This Christmas theme for the holiday cinematic trailer or corporate opener.

Description: An inspirational motivational uplifting cross genre instrumental, featuring orchestrated electric guitars, an uplifting feelgood vibe.

Description: An uplifting motivational inspirational instrumental with a pop rock styling, orchestrated electric guitars lead the way, feelgood hopeful positive.

Description: Feel the beat of a huge wing and refreshing air flow. The track can be used as a film studio opener, product presentation, company logo and more. Beautiful and magical. The piece is created with piano, synths and FX.

Description: A positive upbeat rock instrumental with a sense of moving forward, success and discovery perfect for corporate videos and advertising media.

Description: Emotional, inspiring, light background music, which is ideal for projects with high spirits.