Description: An ultra-dynamic modern orchestral arrangement builds to exciting crescendos of glorious fortitude reflecting the high drama and heroic greatness of bold deeds, mighty achievements and supreme success. Designed for big events, corporate branding, sports specials and success themes.

Description: Ultra dynamic electro-orchestral music celebrating the awesome progress and amazing achievements of modern technology on a grand scale. Designed for big events, corporate branding, upscale advertising, high tech expos, infomercials and success themes.

Description: Pleasant industrial pop track with kitsch elements reflecting the plush delights of a luxurious lifestyle. Suitable for corporate branding, business presentations, upscale advertising, infomercials, muzak, music on hold, industrial trade shows and easy listening in the style of Henry Mancini.

Description: Modern original classical composition featuring a string ensemble performing in the style and tradition of the 18th Century. Designed for use as classical source music, Colonial America, Amadeus, weddings, grand hotels, elevator music, receptions, John Adams, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson.