Description: This fun and motivational corporate song gives an upbeat and happy vibe. This is instrumental background music thats common to what is heard in todays popular corporate tv advertising commercials. Features Ukulele, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, & Bells, bass & drums.

Description: Energetic and driving bed for corporate, business, science and technology

Description: Percussion based tracks for corporate and business, evoking images of time, deadlines, and general office activity.

Description: A driving, positive, optimistic, energetic, percussive, and motivational pop/rock cue.

Description: Bright positive corporate music track, with a positive and motivational mood, featuring acoustic and electric guitars, piano, bass guitar, synth pads and drums, perfect for inspiring and successful corporate motivational media projects. Best for: corporate inspirational videos, technology videos, presentations, corporate showreels, business slideshows, background music, tv, commercial advertising projects, info-graphics, documentaries, triumphant videos, inspirational promo and e.t.c.

Description: A positive and uplifting corporate motivational track featuring a familiar chord structure, four-on-the-floor beats, delayed and arpeggio electric guitars and big pads and synth textures. It is ideal for use in corporate or business related projects, or work that requires a positive and energetic feel.

Description: Coldplay inspired piano track, uplifting and motivational perfect for any corporate presentation. Will work as a loop and has many commercial ad usesif you are looking for a happy instrumental track.

Description: "Pleasing Hour" is happy, joyful track with whistle for the melody, ukulele for the strumming, glockenspiel for the bright sound to represent the positive feeling. This track is perfect for today television ad, grab this track to enrich you video to it goal!

Description: Energetic and driving bed for corporate, business, science and technology

Description: The great motivational pop track with pumping rhythm, guitars, synths, bouncy bass and hand claps. Perfect for advertising, commercials, corporate videos, party and uplifting projects. Thank you for listening.