Description: Inspiring, uplifting orchestral track with positive mood.

Description: A happy and motivational track with acoustic guitar, piano, glockenspiel, vibes and strings. Very uplifting feel and a perfect choice for your successful promo video or adverts.

Description: This soft and beautiful motivational piece develops from a delicate piano melody and builds into a drum-driven U2-like delayed guitar piece that is upbeat, positive and feel-good. Thinking of You is happy, inspiring, full of emotion and great for adding to visuals. Drive your presentation, advert or other visual needing a lift with this background music. It's motivating, inspiring and positive and has a powerful chorus with violins, cellos and a soft piano line. Medium tempo and great for use in a variety of contexts from corporate videos to virals and for adverts and idents.

Description: Confident drive,Americana Flavors

Description: Broad, upbeat corporate industrial

Description: confident, forceful,strong, determined

Description: A dark and heavy Hip Hop track with great drum loops and synth lines.