Description: A bouncy and optimistic feel-good pop rock track, featuring driving electric guitars, drums and bass. Conveys motivation, can-do attitude, a positive outlook, and good energy. Seems like the beginning of something amazing. This uplifting and inspiring track is perfectly suited for social film, advertising, commercial or motivational videos.

Description: A very light piano track that has specifically been composed and recorded to be placed behind speech in films and TV shows. This track is extremely sparse and light, and will sit perfectly behind speech and dialogue.

Description: An inspiring and emotional piece, with guitar and beauty violin and strings, suitable as background for romantic wedding videos, presentations, broadcast, score in cinematic projects!

Description: Ambient Inspiration background is a soft song. Great for: inspiring and motivating projects for successful business presentations and atmospheric video.

Description: Uplifting and inspiring corporate music track with guitars, bass, drums and synthesizer. This bright positive piece will give positive feeling to your media projects.

Description: This modern inspirational, motivational track. Perfect for commercials, advertising, slide-shows, after effects templates, projects, documentaries, Web, corporate video, presentations and any other video.

Description: Happy, breezy and fun, positive and motivational pop rock featuring upbeat electric guitar, uplifting bass and energetic drums. Emotive and carefree tune that create inspirational and feel-good mood. Will be good for: marriage, business, commercials, corporate, adventure, lifestyle, progress, vacation and weddings.

Description: A fresh and upbeat background track perfect for any inspirational, motivational or uplifting projects. Instruments features electric guitar, electric muted guitar, strings and piano.

Description: Inspiring, fresh and uplifting music track that makes you feel fast rhythm of big city life. City like Tokyo.

Description: An inspiring, uplifting and optimistic track that brings together catchy whistles, claps, ukulele and great upbeat drums! This positive and joyful track would be great for a wide range of promotional media, including happy and fun marketing videos, corporate motivational videos, business retreat and events vlogs, as well as other marketing material related to family, having good time, achieving progress, and celebrating.