Description: This hi-tech business music is a progressive blend of futuristic sounds mixed with modern plucky melodies. The pluck synth lead plays a repetitive yet cool melody while the dynamics of the bass and drums give the music the power. This music is great for a wide variety of projects including business, ads, explainers, future, tech, and more.

Description: Bright Day this is optimistic and positive good mood pop track, with calm piano, delay electric guitars, drums and bass. Great for setting up a peaceful and inspiring mood for photo slideshows, commercials, websites, YouTube montages, media projects and more.

Description: Autumn Guitar this is relaxing track suitable for a quiet morning sunrise. Guitar delayed with calm piano has a very organic and intimate feel. Great for setting up a peaceful and inspiring mood for photo slideshows, commercials, websites, YouTube montages, media projects and more.

Description: Happy Autumn it is a bouncy and positive track, happy melody with ukulele, acoustic guitar, Hammond organ, bass, claps, tambourines, bells, piano, simple drums. Perfect for background music, children, presentations, enterprises, podcasts, inspiring corporate video, YouTube montages and more.

Description: Optimism springs eternal in this light, yet fun, acoustic driven song. This is a song that would make you keep your head up while walking down the street and enjoying the beauty all around you. It's the perfect accompaniment to one of those clear days that you hope will never end.

Description: Festive motivational corporate upbeat tune, using ukulele and acoustic guitar. Perfect for promotion, advertising, tv, web and radio production, business positive movie.

Description: Positive pop rock song that starts off with a piano and guitars intro, slowly building on a catchy guitar riff and finally into a powerful culmination driven by piano, orchestral strings, rock modern sound, delayed electric guitars and upbeat mood. Perfect for film or television in emotional climaxes and transitional moments, motivational presentations, team building exercises, speaker introductions etc. 120BPM, Em. Thank you for listening, rating and purchasing-)

Description: Positive and uplifting motivational track. Featured instruments are piano, brasses and electric guitar. Good for corporate videos or advertising..

Description: Easy going synth rock hybrid track with a driving rhythm, powerful guitar chords and light synth parts. Uplifting and inspirational, it moves confidently forwards and has a big dominating sound. Perfect for any product promo or demonstration, ideal for TV adverts, video and animation.

Description: Feel Good Advertise is fun happy commercial! Happy zippy feeling good music with piano electric guitar, clapping. Fresh positive background music with a sprightly uplifting feeling. Rhythmic inspiring music in medium fast groovy tempo with a lively atmosphere. neat fresh alert sprightly TV advert ad alert, advertise, zippy, atmosphere, joyful, background, bright, inspirational, cheerful, clapping, positive, commercial, high tech, documentary, feel good, feeling good, fresh, fun, groovy, happy, infomercial, inspiring, lively, neat, presentation, rhythmic, sprightly, spry, uplifting, funny, video montage, bouncy, every day, cheerful/happy, confident, driving, easy, elegant,playful, light, repetitive, battery, duracell, breakfast, healthcare, health, care, whole food