Description: Inspirational pop rock song that starts off with a piano and guitars harmonics, slowly building on a catchy acoustic guitar melody and finally into a powerful culmination driven by piano, orchestral strings, modern sound, delayed electric guitars and upbeat mood. Perfect for film or television in emotional climaxes and transitional moments, motivational presentations, team building exercises, speaker introductions etc. 100BPM, E. Thank you for listening, rating and purchasing-)

Description: At journey's end, the sweet anticipation as the door opens to a warm fire and gentle embrace. Piano and nothing else!

Description: Free and Easy is an upbeat and optimistic track featuring catchy piano parts, acoustic guitars, forte strings and gentle synth top lines. It's ideal for use within corporate, motivational or children's productions.

Description: Orchestral string music with a pop flavor. Uplifting, classy and fun

Description: Energetic and driving bed for corporate, business, science and technology

Description: Modern guitar rock. Uplifting, optimistic, positive, happy, feel good, hopeful pop rock with great intro and emotional build. Like

Description: This is a motivational and uplifting pop rock track with a positive and optimistic vibe. Guitar riffs, atmospheric pads and catchy strings build to a driving climax with a solo guitar part. Great for motivational corporate projects, presentations, commercials, websites and more.

Description: Expressive composition for your corporative presentations, awarding ceremonies, parties, formal or public events, media projects, TV

Description: piano and strings triumphant and confident.