Description: This dramatic suspense loop is perfect for variety of projects such as commercials, corporate videos, slideshows, trailers, advertising, or anything which needs a tension building loopable track. See our portfolio for more high quality tracks!

Description: The Incredible Adventure is A cinematic dramatic piece Influenced by adventure movies like Indiana Jones,Avatar, this music track has rich and deep orchestral sound, cinematic atmosphere and great lead theme, Very determined and action like. Fast strings with energetic drums. Great for action scenes and dramatic corporative movies.

Description: The grand, broad, orchestral logo , with a solemn solo horns and violins. Сan be used as an intro, movie trailer, outro,logo or ident , for media projects.

Description: a short clip that I did for a local non profit organization... It's simple and straightforward..I used a vocoder whisper at the end as if the wind is to say imagine

Description: “The Success Train” – gives a sense of drive to success. Played on guitars, drums, and wind instruments.

Description: Languid piano cue, pretty and innocent, the introduction of strings changes the piece giving it an uplifting mood

Description: Vibey and uplifting. Features catchy piano melodies accompanied by modern synth sounds and a driving percussive beat. Inspiring and proud.

Description: Inspiring and upbeat. Features vibrant high electric guitar melodies accompanied by an energetic live drum beat. Rhythms are constantly evolving to peak interest and give a sense of forward movement.

Description: Energetic and uplifting. Features pulsing synth rhythms along with a driving drum beat to give a strong confident feeling.

Genres: Royalty Free Music , Corporate Orchestral

Description: Bold and heroic corporate orchestral music. Very inspirational, can be used in various ways. Available versions: Full track, short edit, loop 1 and loop 2.

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