Description: A magical and positive theme that includes, vibrant guitar riffs and catchy piano solos, guaranteed to travel your soul far away where imagination and creativity thrives. Due to its inspirational, spiritual, upbeat energy and versatile character this is perfect for ads, corporate projects, and films. * This is the loop version

Description: Beautiful modern orchestal strings create a majestic feeling of epic proportions. Modern orchestrial percussion provides the drama and an overall impact of grandness is instant. Great of ads, films, tv, documentaries, websites, games, an overall performer, please check out my other versions contained with diff durations.

Description: Orchestral string music that is serious, driving and dramatic.

Description: “Life Is Beautiful” is an energetic and motivational business / corporate track that fills you with hope, optimism and strength. Successful orchestral piece for your successful project.

Description: This is an inspirational track especially designed for technology and tv. Perfect for commercials, infographic videos, corporate videos, presentations, projects for children and other inspirational visual works that needed positive and optimistic vibe with touch of futuristic technologies. This track features lite strings, catchy bells lines, bright pad which gives a sunny – positive feel. There are also piano melodies, beats and mellow synth lines which adds a technology feel to track. The building structure of the track will give a development, growth, prosperity sense to your project.

Description: Motivational pop rock track with acoustic guitar, orchestral strings, upbeat drums and solid bass. Positive, Emotional and inspiring composition great for commercials, TV, promos, presentations, corporate and business videos.

Description: "Motivational Business Theme" is a positive and motivational business / corporate track that brings to imagination images of business success, freedom, productivity, sales and growth. This inspirational track is ideal for any business related production looking for an uplifting corporate theme. You can also use this song anywhere on TV projects, internet projects, presentations, websites, movies, commercials and other media projects. Good Luck!

Description: Delicately uplifting, calmly inspiring piece for piano & orchestra. Featuring grand pianos, real orchestra strings & manipulated organic tones, this ethereal euphoric piece lifts you gently & flies you away somewhere happy & serene. Sounds a little Sigur Ros, Brian Eno, Moby, Air & Ludovico Einaudi. Instrumental, Dramatic Energizing Music.

Description: Beautiful song that is perfect for personal projects, video backgrounds or product presentations. Great mood and sound that sits perfect on a corporate presentation, easy editable.

Description: Long Track institutional, corporate orchestral song declined into 4 part 6/8