Description: “Business Motivation” is another great Motivational/Inspirational pop rock track! Starting with guitar, piano, and slowly progressing with bass, drums and Orchestral strings section. Perfect choice for any Motivational Videos, success stories and more.

Description: Exciting, bold, driven, atmospheric, dramatic rock track with great forward momentum & suspense. determined, bouncy, rebellious, confident, dynamic, tense & thrilling. would suit extreme sports/motorsports/action/thriller type projects

Description: Positive and uplifting pop rock track with chugging guitars and piano with rocky choruses

Description: Uplifting, modern guitar rock. Optimistic, epic, powerful, and

Description: Positive, exciting, determined, inspired, confident, inspiring, encouraging, exhilarating,inspirational, uplifting, motivating, stimulating, hopeful, cheerful, enthusiastic, upbeat, anticipating,forward-looking, confidence, courage, determination, morale, spirit, cool, daring, heart, resolution,forceful, warm, happy, glad, joyful, joyous, sunny, motivation, incentive, motive, action, drive, push,stimulus, corporate, commercial, business, tv ad, advertising, promo, promotion, youtu synthesizer

Description: Happy, positive and uplifting instrumental with great mix strings, piano, claps, epic elements, etc. Happy and motivational. Great for video and documentaries, corporate branding, ad campaigns, technology, business development, science documentary, website, tv show, etc.

Description: A magical and positive theme that includes, vibrant guitar riffs and catchy piano solos, guaranteed to travel your soul far away where imagination and creativity thrives. Due to its inspirational, spiritual, upbeat energy and versatile character this is perfect for ads, corporate projects, and films.

Description: Very lively, playful composition with a fun theme marimba and piano,which accompany the strings and harp. Good background for promotional videos,for children's and family films and photo albums,introductory animation.

Description: Uplifting, positive & motivating music in the style of Coldplay, U2 & REM. Modern & contemporary, & perfect for use within the corporate & business world, whether for training videos, montages, seminars or conferences. Conveys positivity innovation & success. Also great for build-ups & introductions, Instrumental, Corporate Music, Dramatic Epic

Description: It's very emotional, inspiring, dramatic composition, with a gradual increase of the dynamics, with several layers of string and motivational piano solo. High powered, grand and energetic music for movies, ideal background for corporate video, website, advertising,video games,TV show and other media projects.