Description: Instrumental composition made for piano and orchestra. The style is very near to classical and soundtrack, and the mood is very happy and energetic. This music describes a scene of the king on their realm, coming back from some epic battle. The music is leaded by a piano which progressively it's accompanied by other instruments like strings, horns and percussion, gaining energy and power.

Description: Corporate Inspirational Background Motivational, positive, uplifting track full of inspiration. You can use this track as a background for your presentation videos, pop projects, commercials, advertising or as web page music. Includes happy energetic emotional guitars, background piano, drums and very catchy unique cellos.

Description: This upbeat track that brings a good mood. Includes electric guitar, finger snapping, bells and harmonica. Ideal as background music in advertising, credits, YouTube videos and many of your creative projects.

Description: This positive track that brings inspiration into your life. Includes bass guitar, glockenspiel, piano, electric piano and synth. Good for background music in advertising, YouTube videos and many of your projects.

Description: An epic, dramatic and powerful cinematic track suitable for movie trailers, video games, video game montages, sports videos, commercials and more.

Description: Emotsional is a track that creates a sentimental, sometimes pathetic feeling. It contains a piano, brass section, strings.

Description: This is the bouncy track, which brings a smile to your face, and make you move to the beat. Includes a ukulele strum , hand claps, bells and vibraphone. Perfectly suitable to emphasize the atmosphere of freshness, activity, movement, and vivacity. Excellent serves for creating a positive perception in corporate videos, websites,text animations, commercials and more.

Description: Instrumental music made for piano and orchestra. The music is leaded by a piano and it is accompanied by pizzicato and staccato strings. The mood is progressively positive and optimistic, and the style is very near to classical waltz.

Description: Deep and bright composition with guitars, drums and orchestral instruments.

Description: Deep inspirational composition with piano, guitars and orchestral instruments. Light adventure and fresh motivational energy. Enjoy!