Description: Upbeat Inspiring Corporate is an uplifting, inspirational and motivating track for your media projects. Features acoustic and electric guitars, piano, bass and more. This track designed for corporate presentations, innovative videos, websites, motivational infographics, uplifting and inspiring projects, YouTube videos, tutorials, slideshows, montages, openers, business videos, science and technology projects, lifestyle and travel, medical and health videos, real estate, startup videos, app promos, explainers and more…

Description: “The Success Train” – gives a sense of drive to success. Played on guitars, drums, and wind instruments.

Description: Another Moment Of Glory is a song dedicated to the business success that leads to the fantasy images of success, freedom, productivity, sales and growth. The song starts with a guitar delay rhythm that remains throughout the song, a crescendo of instruments (violins and strings) to the point stronger. This track may also work particularly well in combination with a voice over. Thank you for your purchase

Description: Optimistic, positive music track featuring piano, acoustic guitar, strings, drum and bass. Its a great background music soundtrack for your animation, advertisement, promo video, presentation, educational app.

Description: A soft and inspiring piece for solo piano. Perfect for projects needing inspiring and light music!

Description: Christmas is Here ! Everyone is preparing for a celebration . Candy canes being made and presents wrapped. A Light Christmas holiday track like tune in a childish way perfect for a happy fun festive holiday track

Description: Glorious and victorious! Track describes sport,competition, achieve,victory. is an epic and thrilling Intense,cinematic score with heroic overtones.Can be used as the soundtrack to the trailers, movie,commercials,sport, video games and presentations. This track is perfect for sports victories, acts of heroism, breakthroughs and achievements in business, inspiring stories and ceremonies.

Description: A modern ambient piece with an inspiring, uplifting atmosphere.

Description: Languid piano cue, pretty and innocent, the introduction of strings changes the piece giving it an uplifting mood

Description: Colorful, engaging track using repeating phrases to drive the music.