Description: Strong, dynamic and serious business, news and information theme. Rhythmic synth bass combined with big orchestral stabs and strings. Main mix, rhythm talkover bed and 60, 30, 10 sec cuts available

Description: uplifting, positive, passionate, sensual, guitar, acoustic

Description: Driving with a determined yet reflective feel, breezy acoustic guitar and introspective electric guitar create a motivational build to the end.

Description: Moving Forward in Business creates a feeling of busy, sophisticated, constant movement. Perfect for corporate and motivational videos, advertising and any media where a sense of continual motion is required. Instruments include harp, piano, woodwind, strings, soft cymbal percussion and vibraphone.

Description: Corporate Journey is a lively pop instrumental with classical and electronic dance music touches. Instruments include piano, glockenspiel, drums, bass and strings. Perfect for corporate presentations, motivational and inspirational videos, adverts, TV and more.

Description: This is an electronic driven corporate cinematic logo with bells and piano melodies for any kind of epic inspirational inspired project of mystery and success.

Description: Inspirational track with piano melodies, dreamy strings, pads and delicate drum patterns. Some additional melodies on Glockenspiel. Great as background for motivational corporate videos, presentations etc., as well as for any personal purposes. There are also other versions of this track available. Check my portfolio for more edits please! Enjoy!

Description: This dramatic suspense loop is perfect for variety of projects such as commercials, corporate videos, slideshows, trailers, advertising, or anything which needs a tension building loopable track. See our portfolio for more high quality tracks!

Description: This is very positive, inspiring and motivational pop rock track with electric guitars, bass guitar, acoustic guitars, strings, synths, drums and percussion. Ideal for background in your business projects, presentation, videos, slideshows, TV or commercial.

Description: This is very positive and happy corporate holiday music logo track for your original projects with exciting sound and beautiful motivational mood, which include different bright instuments – acoustic piano, bells, live bass, drums, fx, strings, pad etc…This track can be used anywhere – as upbeat music, background for websites, in games and movies, documentary scientific films, business presentations and projects, podcasts, slideshows, news, telecasts, about nature, space etc…

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