Description: Exciting and advanterous! A sense of a new beginning. Very positive and kind tune featuring a string section, piano and synths. Great for animations and apps.

Description: An upbeat optimistic and fun track. Full of good mood and positive thinking. Featuring many instruments like piano, glock bells, baby accordion and more. Will fit well into your company clip or product presentation.

Description: A royal and touching composition with big string chords and very dominant piano theme. Featuring a violin solo at the end. A very exciting positive tune for corporate videos and grand product presentations. Encourages motivation.

Description: A positive and uplifting electronic track with soft synth arpegio line. Perfect for technical videos and product presentations.

Description: Imagine plants growing in seconds, building rising in minutes and the earth is spinning around in a breathtaking pace. Synthetic Evolution is a high-tech-corporate track suitable for technical presentations and technological projects. Pleasant sounding synths and pads. Down-tempo but energetic. Perfect for your new product!

Description: A happy and an upbeat tune with a catchy beat and memorable melody. Suitable for videos with positive and happy mood. Full of good energies and vibes. Featuring piano, drums, ukulele, mandolin and celesta. Can be featured in infomercials, diy and crafts videos, children related productions and introductions, recipe videos and more...

Description: A corporate piano track, featuring muted guitars and airy synth pad. Positive, futuristic, optimistic and suitable for music on hold, technical presentations, news openers and product videos. Has a sensation of winning to it.

Description: An inspiring and uplifting electro-rock tune that is packed with energy and positive vibe. Perfect for commercials and cool presentations. Featuring electric guitar, claps and synths.

Description: A tune full of inspiration and good vibes. Featuring a hip hop beat, an orchestra and a piano. Great for product presentations with some extra value.

Description: A Joyful, careless pop tune. Very positive and light. Starting your day in a good mood.

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