Description: Driving with a determined yet reflective feel, breezy acoustic guitar and introspective electric guitar create a motivational build to the end.

Description: Pulsing and driving with introspective piano and pingy electronic textures create a futuristic and investigative mood.

Description: Rhythmic and repetitive with pulsing synthetic textures and melody with a slow build creating a mood of optimism.

Description: Bouncy and rhythmic with smooth textures and light percussion and Middle Eastern world elements creates a positive and progressive mood.

Description: Determined and bright with introspective acoustic piano lines and warm textures create an optimistic and motivational mood.

Description: Bright and reflective with contemplative repetitive rhythmic acoustic piano and light percussion create mood of determination and inspiration which can be heard on news or infomercial underscores.

Description: Light with repetitive melodic drone-like synth and pulsing electric guitar textures create some tension of time sensitivity.

Description: Light and smooth with a funk groove and melodic marimba create a relaxed mood.

Description: Smooth and rhythmic with bright solo acoustic piano and light drums create an inspirational and optimistic mood and depict an infomercial.

Description: Peaceful with a drop in energy at 2:42 and a build to 3:54, electronic textures, introspective acoustic piano, and a drum loop groove depict a scene of optomisim and reflection.

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