Description: Positive and optimistic track featuring ukulele, acoustic guitars, whistles, accordion, hand claps and glockenspiel melody. Suitable for commercial, corporate use or happy productions !

Description: Inspiration on Tuesday is a melodic and confident track featuring piano, mallet and soft synths. The track evokes the serenity, the confidence and the patience to build something great.

Description: A great motivational, hopeful and optimistic track. Light and rocky sound featuring guitar and synths inspires to success, gives hope for the best and charges with positive energy. It is a good accompaniment for your videos, commercials, presentations etc. which will give them uplifting, driving and impulsive effect.

Description: Bob is not dead. He's still living on the dance floor. Synths and guitars give a happy and a little bit jazzy mood to the track. An energetic and positive sound for your projects. Amongst many uses this track would work well with motivational and corporate projects, commercials, presentations, Film and TV