Description: Inspirational background indie pop music for your professional media project .

Description: Positive Optimisti track for your best quality video project, Youtube videos, TV, media, advertisments, websites.

Description: Upbeat happy track for your best quality video project, YOutube video, website, commercials, TV, media, advertisments.

Description: Motivational corporate track for your media , advertisments, Youtube videos, websites, video projects, commercials.

Description: " Motivation and Inspiration"- Is a very commercial corporate motivational music with piano delay, orchestral strings, upbeat drums, inspirational electric guitars. Suitable for business, advertising, commercials, videos, films, television broadcasting , video games, Youtube videos and etc.

Description: Corporate motivational business track for your commercial video production, advertising, television broadcasting and more....

Description: Happy ukulele positive track for your media, advertising, television, radio, slideshow and more...

Description: Uplifting and motivational corporate music featuring electric guitar, piano, guitar harmonics, electric piano, bass. Great for video presentations, slideshow, Youtube videos, advertising, promotion, television broadcasting, radio, animations and more.

Description: Acoustic folk commercial for your business, advertising, television broadcasting, slideshow, radio and more,,

Description: Acoustic folk corporate track featuring real ukulele guitar, glockenspiel , acoustic guitar, piano. Perfect for your media...

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