Description: This SoundSet reminds one of a chase scene or an opening to an epic film. The sound is majestic and grand. There are contrasting elements in this piece. And when combined in variations, the components create a tapestry of sound suitable for making present.

Description: A kaleidoscope of emotions, with baroque and romantic elements, is embedded in this tune and marked largely by the chord progression. The music tells a moving story filled with joy, sadness and beyond. The lower strings lay out a square beat, like a march.

Description: This music perfectly tells a story of a long search that ends in loss. It is also the story of being lost and alienated. The music is composed of two contrasting parts. The first part uses a full symphonic sound; the other part consists simply of the low.

Description: This romantic tune is composed of two contrasting parts. The first has an anticipatory feel, created by the constant movement of the strings and the chimes. That section gives way to a more lyrical passage with the piano and cello, trailing off slowly and.

Description: Music for the aftermath of a catastrophe of giant proportions. It is ideal for themes involving human suffering or global devastation of some sort. The cello and clarinet rise and weave around each other like a helix while the timpani grounds the sound as.

Description: Elegant and stately, this tune announces an arrival fit for a king. It uses strings and brass to achieve its elegance. Presentations that involve expensive or luxurious items or the arrival of something important would work well with this SoundSet.

Description: This piece evokes a sense of chase and possibly fear. The powerful character is brought on with the use of the Timpani (Accent file). The violin that follows the string section brings about some relief and slows down the rhythm. This piece is ideal for us.

Description: This pleasant piece moves along at a walking pace. It can be used with almost any presentation where light-heartedness and a hint of humor is needed. The Tuba component animates this piece quite a bit. It brings to mind those old pranks that Candid Camera.

Description: Immediately, images of a 17th Century ballroom dance or a wedding or perhaps a graduation comes to mind with this piece. The percussion accents the rhythm. Presentations that are celebratory in nature may work well with this piece. Products dealing with m.

Description: This waltz flows smoothly. It is elegant and uplifting in nature making it ideal for presentations involving luxurious items such as vehicles, wine, clothing, accessories or services (massage, mud bath, etc).

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