Description: 3m38s piano piece, andantino legato. similar to early 20th century french composers (satie, debussy, ravel).

Description: short piece for string quartet and wind trio.

Description: 2m56s - a musical joke! childish opening, but it builds and fills. 44-34-44-24 pattern. change to andante at 1m45.

Description: Minimalist, driving strings, like Michael Nyman or Philip Glass run in a repeating pattern, climbing through modulations. Woodwind run behind in rising arpeggios of triplets. Every alternate repetition, a legato melody on violin section enters, adding grace and lyricism. The piece is hypnotic and although it has a definite ending, it is easily looped

Description: 2m10 piano piece with strings in at 1m01. very eric satie in style.

Description: a short piano piece.

Description: harp and strings - pizzicato and legato slightly pachelbel (canon) in pace- 9 seconds.

Description: harp and strings - 9 seconds.