Description: Emotional and reflective interpretation of Satie's most famous solo piano composition. This work has a delicate melody and is a perfect mood-setter for reflective and peaceful moments, perfect for commercial and advertising and will work with a voiceover for documentary.

Description: Emotional harp and acoustic guitar cue that has a childlike innocence. A lonely cello adds a touch of regret, an overwhelming sense of loss. The track later picks up pace with the introduction of percussion, good options for edit for an underscore theme.

Description: Vibrant orchestral Strings, great music cue for commercial and underscore. If you are looking for a classical touch. The strings are bright and straight in, they insist on your attention, very dramatic and serious, perfect for moments of high drama!

Description: Heavenly harps, beautiful and melodic, the introduction of strings and mournful cello give the cue an emotional and anxious depth but the overall feeling is one of celestial purity and innocence. Wonderful orchestral swell later in the track

Description: Melodic harp melody, great music cue for commercial underscore, quick and light, uplifting a warm, angels and celestial harps this is a very classy cue. Perfect for web ad or infomercial

Description: Light and playful instrumental version of this classic from Bizet's opera Carmen. Elegant cellos with a light piano for an orchestral version that becomes playful and sweet, tender and wholesome, great for commercial and advertising, children's productions, or any scene needing sneaky, yet fun and highly recognizable music.

Description: Fur Elise' is Beethoven's (Bagatelle in A minor) and is one of Beethoven's most popular instrumentals. This is a simple piano version, perfect for music bed/underscore.

Description: One of the most famous pieces of cello music ever written. You may not recognize the name but you have heard the melody. Perfect for advertising and commercial as well as underscore/soundtrack.

Description: Elegant rendition of Tchaikovsky's classic Christmas music, from the Nutcracker's Suite. A simple enchanting magical classical melody, great for Christmas and holiday parties, warm family, children dancing, opening gifts, playing with toys. Mischievous, playful quirky waltz. Special, much beloved

Description: Beautiful classical track perfect for underscore or commercial use. Very sophisticated.The music is public domain. Perfect for history channel, travel, documentary or commercial use.