Description: A beautiful track featuring oboe, cello, harp and piano creates a sense of garden beauty and peaceful surroundings. Very mellow and mellow, with slight emotional elements. Ideal for classical end uses.

Description: Young angelic children’s piece with flowing clarinet melody, glockenspiel chimes with a hint of soothing background voices. Very sweet and innocent, hints at friendship and playfulness with occasional angel like chords.

Description: Slow electronic piano containing a slight modern, contemporary vibe is backed with delicate chimes creating a pleasant carefree atmosphere with luxurious elements of relaxation and comfort, slightly romantic and contains many elements implying beauty and peaceful scenes such as fields, gardens or beautiful landscapes.

Description: Emotional Flute and chimes are cushioned by acoustic guitar and create a sense of sadness, with a slight dejected feel.

Description: Delicate flute swiftly plays throughout with strings in the background to create a pleasant atmosphere suggesting a small animal or summers day in a meadow.

Description: Beautiful clarinet combined with flute and guitar creates a sense of peacefulness and hope, certain elements could also suggest love or regret.

Description: Traditional lilting classical melody with a hint of playfulness. Flute motifs hint at birdsong or woodland creatures. Reminiscent of 18th century style.

Description: Classic orchestral theme with soaring melody punctuated with gongs, cymbal crashes and harp runs - suggesting victorious, triumphant, mood.