Description: Horns and winds, accompanied by non-traditional electronic instruments. A comfortable waltz with a small bounce to the lilt. Features oboe and flute solos.

Description: Brisk strings open this piece, giving way to an intense melody, with a string quartet bed underneath. In the second half, the mood intensifies with additional strings added in, building to a quick and definitive halt at the end.

Description: A small ensemble of harp, oboe, and bassoon, push this simple piece with an ABA form. Pleasantly melodic and comfortable, This short work, reminiscent of classical music is the perfect background piece for your project.

Description: A peaceful work for small chamber ensemble of strings and winds. Pizzicato strings create a comfortable pulse and move the work forward while smooth clarinet and oboe sing a wonderful melody. All punctuated by an occasional triangle in the background.

Description: Heartbreaking strings create a dense web of melody, sadness, and mournfulness. Hopeful, yet extremely sad.