Description: This is the full score version of Dance of the Merlitons from The Nutcracker, written by Tchaikovsky. Like most of his other works from that ballet, this one is especially popular during the holiday season.

Description: Inspirational piano and strings orchestral background music for video promotion, advertising, television broadcasting, animation, weeding, films, Youtube videos slideshow and more.

Description: Emotional harp and acoustic guitar cue that has a childlike innocence. A lonely cello adds a touch of regret, an overwhelming sense of loss. The track later picks up pace with the introduction of percussion, good options for edit for an underscore theme.

Description: Morning Mood was written by Edvard Grieg in 1875, and is the first movement of his Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, Op. 46. The reflective melody is often heard in cartoons and television shows during peaceful scenes.

Description: love story music theme for your media/video projects.

Description: This piece of music is romantic, dreamy and motivational. It suits for any kind of inspirational videos about love, beauty of our world, adverts, motivational videos or can be used as a musical background for websites and films.

Description: Instrumental music made for piano, harp and strings. The music is leaded by piano at the start, later is supported by other orchestral instruments like strings and woodwinds. The mood is calm and relaxed, almost spiritual, and the melody is quiet and simple, emphasized by flutes and strings section, and accompanied by a playful oboe. The style is classical and also fits as a soundtrack, for example in some calm and relaxed scenes in nature and romantic situations.

Description: This sentimental theme is written for a symphony orchestra. A solo melody is played by a piano, occasionally a flute. Also the main melody is played by strings. The track is suitable for social video, as well as for background design. You can use this music in video episodes on the theme of ecology and so on.