Description: A classical guitar chord melody with string orchestra. Evokes positive feelings and makes you smile.

Description: Dramatic orchestral soundtrack featuring strings, choir, timpani, horns, piano. The first theme is sad and recalls dramatic and intense images like a population exodus. The second theme gives birth to a new hope in the future, while in the third theme the main feeling is tranquil and serene.

Description: Dramatic, Menacing, Relentless

Description: Emotional, touching classical composition with a gentle piano and strings. Reflective and very sentimental. Perfect as a movie score for drama or romance

Description: the "here comes the bride" song played during most wedding processions.

Description: This is a true-to-score version of Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy from the ballet The Nutcracker, written by Tchaikovsky.

Description: Classical, Classical-Romantic, Occasions, Occasions-Weddings, Melodrama, Poignant, Spiritual, Romantic, Sentimental, Retrospective, Reflective, in a Poignant mood, featuring Piano, with a Slow tempo

Description: slow, romantic instrumental moves like a river through a forest or meadow, bitterweet and flowing.

Description: Music track for movie trailers, films and any other project

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