Description: Delicate flute swiftly plays throughout with strings in the background to create a pleasant atmosphere suggesting a small animal or summers day in a meadow.

Description: A light orchestral with a harp lead.

Description: Orchestral piece in upbeat Hungarian style.

Description: Short classical piano piece. Gentle, sentimental and melancholic. Perfect as a movie score for drama or romance

Description: Classical, Classical-Romantic, Occasions, Occasions-Weddings, Melodrama, Poignant, Spiritual, Romantic, Sentimental, Retrospective, Reflective, in a Poignant mood, featuring String Quartet, Strings, Violin, with a Slow tempo

Description: This cinematic, motivational and romantic track is ideal for any kind of inspirational videos, motivational stories of victory or love, wonderful travelling, adverts and intros, photo slideshows.

Description: This piece of music is romantic, dreamy and motivational. It suits for any kind of inspirational videos about love, beauty of our world, adverts, motivational videos or can be used as a musical background for websites and films.

Description: Трек можно использовать как лейтмотив в театральном действии. Например : как сценический переход от одной сцены к другой. The track can be used as a keynote in a theatrical performance. For example: as a stage transition from one scene to another.

Description: Emotional, uplifting, spiritual and inspirational track featuring orchestra.

Description: A sentimental and romantic cinematic track featuring delicate piano, solo violins and cello. Perfect for independent films, memorial videos and any project needing a touching, heartfelt mood that draws out emotion.

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