Description: Frederic Chopin: Nocturne No. 3 in B Major, Op. 9 No. 3, for solo piano. Allegretto

Description: Светло,тепло и радостно.Я не иду,а лечу.It's light, warm and joyful. I'm not going, but flying.

Description: Трек для снятия стресса. Track to relieve stress.

Description: Сухая,тёплая осень.Под ногами шуршат осенние листья. Dry, warm autumn. The autumn leaves rustle under their feet.

Description: J. S. Bach - Classical composition by J. S. Bach. Played with Pipe Organ

Description: Taken from Toccata in A major for harpsichord by Domenico Paradisi 17007 - 1791. Suonata famous harp for the Italian television as interval music.

Description: Beautiful romantic piano masterpiece, slow and intense, used in many mainstream soundratcks. It’s style is similar to the Chopin Nocturnes, highly expressive and lyrical. Delicacy and grace with a rare beauty made of hope, with echoes of rippling nostalgia. This atmospheric piece has glittering runs, but is still subtle and inviting. Availble in 2 versions: with Bosendorfer piano for a deep rich classical sound, or Bechstein piano for a more bright sound.

Description: Thoughtful and wistful solo piano. This track may be incorporated into various types of media applications including, but not limited to, commercials, advertisements, film/television, romantic videos and more.

Description: A thoughtful, emotional and reflective track featuring soft, gentle, and beautiful piano melody.

Description: Amoroso Espressivo from Six Duets for violin and guitar by great Italian violinist, guitarist and composer Niccolo Paganini. Very expressive and romantic sound!