Description: This elegant waltz with its sweeping strings tiptoes gently into your ear and seduces your emotions. The piano melody lightly descends down the scale while the horn melody underscores the melody in the strings. There is a bit of dissonance marked to creat.

Description: One of the most powerful sounds in the killersound library, this tune pays homage to the likes of Beethoven and Mozart in the Classical style. The sound is larger than life, of mythic proportions, tugging at the emotions with images of armies of gods lock.

Description: A kaleidoscope of emotions, with baroque and romantic elements, is embedded in this tune and marked largely by the chord progression. The music tells a moving story filled with joy, sadness and beyond. The lower strings lay out a square beat, like a march.

Description: This majestic sound slowly builds to a full symphonic exchange. The music is vibrant, full of contrast and emotion, and tells a very human story perhaps of a heroic journey. The instruments communicate with each other. The melody is picked up by the flute.

Description: This simple, easy-going tune is in the Classical style. The melody is childlike and memorable, similar to melodies composed by Mozart. The tuba in the lower register keeps the music grounded while the lower strings keep a bouncy rhythm. Use this music in.

Description: An array of emotions can be derived from this rhythmic storm of a sound with its calm center and various contrasting sections. The tune transforms from a visceral, fearful noise to a thoughtful and liberating prayer. The first section is dramatic and ener.

Description: This dramatic, symphonic tune is wrought with existential elements, fear and the unknown. The sound brings to mind the music found in the movie trilogy Blue, White and Red. The music is largely psychological and anticipates some fateful event that alters.

Description: This energetic music evokes an overall sense of joy, satisfaction and orderliness. Images come to mind of flowers blooming, blue sky and people collaborating for a positive change. The triumphant horn melody ascends while the relaxed flute melody descends.

Description: This strange tune has many contrasting elements which make it ideal for various uses. The first section is whimsical, disjointed and surreal and is offset by the thundering, focused and revolutionary sound of the second section. Humorous cartoon animation.

Description: This composition reflects all of the anxiety in the world and contains two parts. The first has a jarring, menacing sound. There is a short, dissonant string phrase in the upper register, which mimics laughter. The second part transforms the melody from t.