Description: Grand, refined & ceremonial march, very patriotic & dignified, full orchestral version of Edward Elgar's 'Pomp & Circumstance' March number one. Also known as 'Land of Hope & Glory', which has become the theme for the' Last Night of the Proms'. Made in commercial length versions of 60sec & 30sec.

Description: Trailer in 4 parts. Magical Movie Opening, Orchestral u2 Style, Hollywood Orchestral Power, Outro

Description: Minimalist, driving strings, like Michael Nyman or Philip Glass run in a repeating pattern, climbing through modulations. Woodwind run behind in rising arpeggios of triplets. Every alternate repetition, a legato melody on violin section enters, adding grace and lyricism. The piece is hypnotic and although it has a definite ending, it is easily looped

Description: new orchestration of the romantic classical work by claude debussy.

Description: Melodic, sweetly passionate, chamber trio for flute, violin, and guitar.

Description: a short piano piece.