Description: This SoundSet reminds one of a chase scene or an opening to an epic film. The sound is majestic and grand. There are contrasting elements in this piece. And when combined in variations, the components create a tapestry of sound suitable for making present.

Description: This surreal and eerie symphonic tune is perfect for a very serious or comical presentation. It anticipates something ominous that is about to happen, something possibly from the spiritual realm. One of the string elements slides down the chromatic scale,.

Description: One of the most powerful sounds in the killersound library, this tune pays homage to the likes of Beethoven and Mozart in the Classical style. The sound is larger than life, of mythic proportions, tugging at the emotions with images of armies of gods lock.

Description: A kaleidoscope of emotions, with baroque and romantic elements, is embedded in this tune and marked largely by the chord progression. The music tells a moving story filled with joy, sadness and beyond. The lower strings lay out a square beat, like a march.

Description: This sound evokes a feeling of sadness with a slight sense of hope carried by the flute. The wave effect in this sound makes it ideal for presentations involving images of nature or humanity. This piece would work well for presentations designed to evoke.

Description: light, fun orchestral piece with strings and oboe.

Description: relaxed, moderate tempo classical piece with pizzicato strings.

Description: minimalist powerfull orchestra piece, perfect for trailer movies.

Description: this track is at times peaceful and contemplative, at others proud and reverent, but it always admires the fragile beauty of the natural world.